H.M. Motor Torpedo Boat 718

                                 “Something Special”

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Specialist Navigating Officer Lieut. David Birkin's film of 15th MGB Flotilla  

The contents of the film are as follows:

* MGB 318 leaving Dartmouth from depot ship Kiloran. Lt. Jan McQuoid-Mason (CO) to the bridge and joined by two other officers and then Commander Ted Davis.

* aboard MGB 503; Capt. Frank Slocum D.D.O.D.(I.) followed by Mike Marshall (CO) then Andrew Smith.

* aboard MTB 718; Guy Hamilton with head-set.

* Commander Davis with Ronnie Seddon (CO)

* crew of MGB 503.  Front row, 2nd from left Ted Whitehill, then Bill Webb, Mike Marshall & Andrew Smith

* crew of MGB 502. Front row 3rd from left Fred Smith (cox'n), then Peter Williams and Lloyd Bott.

* crew of MGB 318. Second row, 2nd from left ‘Nigger’ Mould (cox'n), then Jan McQuoid-Mason (CO) and Mike Pollard (?) Third row extreme left Harold Pickles.

* MGB 503 at speed

* MGB 503

* crew of MASB 36: Front row, 4th from left John Motherwell (CO).

*officers group photo: from left  Mike Marshall, Peter Williams, Ronnie Seddon.

* second group: front row from left: Lloyd Bott, Jan McQuoid-Mason, Mike Marshall, Peter Williams, Ronnie Seddon, John Motherwell. second row: 2nd from left Andrew Smith, 5th Guy Hamilton, 6th John Townend.

* Andrew Smith

* third group with Commander Ted Davis

* MGB 318 leaves Kiloran again, with Westward Ho! in the background.

* David Birkin

* aboard Westward Ho!, officers using sextant.

* MGB 318 and surf-boat at Grach en Cle'der 27 August 1944.

* Mme Le Duc and Dr Le Duc

* MTB 718 astern of MGB 318 at L'Aber vrac’h, September 1944.

* Aboard MGB 318

* Ile Vierge lighthouse.

* stern of MTB 718

* MGB 318 & MTB 718 at L'Aber vrac’h,

* Commander Davis at L'Aber vrac’h,

* MGB 318 alongside HMS Londonderry at L'Aber v'rach

* Some of MGB 318 crew: Two on right (John Markham & Jim Gordon) subsequently lost when their next boat MGB 502 sank after striking a mine off Norway 12th May 1945.

* Jan McQuoid-Mason and Ted Davis

* German Narvik class destroyer at Ile de Batz.

* M. Tanguy ?* Hotel at L'Aber vrac’h,

* MGB 318 alongside HMS Londonderry; taken from MTB 718

* surf boat at L'Aber vrac’h with MGB 318 & MTB 718 in background.

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Charles Milner DSM (Ldg Tel)  (132 mins)

1942:- Training as a Telegraphist - MLs 215 and 164 - The Story of MTB 718 -: Ronnie Seddon, Guy Hamilton, John Townend - 15th MGB Flotilla (SO Peter Williams) - 4/1944 to 5/1945: Details of Clandestine Ops in Northern Europe and Norway, many involving landing and recovery of agents of varying nationalities - Damage during Operations KNOCKOUT and LOLA - The tragic loss of MTB 2002 (28 deaths, 2 survivors).

Part 1

Part 3

Part 2

Guy Hamilton DSC (Lt RNVR) (117 mins)

Dec 40:- Rating in HMS ESKIMO ( Russian Convoys and the Med.) - NO in MTB 673 (CO John Barker) - Western Approaches, patrols and minelaying - damaged in collision - MTB 718 (CO Ronnie Seddon) as XO and Boats officer - 15th MGBF (SO Peter Williams) - Clandestine ops. out of Dartmouth, Aberdeen and Lerwick - Surf Boats operations - left behind at Bonaparte Beach - escape from France - the Resistance - Norway, severe storm damage - loss of MGB 502 (2002) -

Camaraderie in MGBF 15.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


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