H.M. Motor Torpedo Boat 718

                                 “Something Special”

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Sad to say, many of the crew of MTB 718, and of 15th MGB Flotilla, have ‘crossed the bar’ in Naval parlance.

The first obituary (by kind permission of the Coastal Forces Heritage Trust) is of Charles Milner who died in 2010.  None of this history would have been written down except for the hard work and enthusiasm of Charles. He was responsible for re-uniting the 718 crew in 1977 and thereafter keeping everyone in contact with each other. Their war experience was unique and formative for most of the crew, and being back in contact after so many years undoubtedly enriched the lives of many.  In addition to his professional responsibilities, he gave much time to the Coastal Forces Veterans Association as Treasurer, and he maintained contact with French and Norwegian agents, ensuring that this important period of history was properly documented and recorded.  The 718’s (and more widely) owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude. I personally am honoured to have known such a splendid man and I salute his memory.

Rodney Seddon

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   Daily Telegraph Saturday 5 December 1998